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Starch... the prime target of the low carb diets such as South Beach, Atkin's, etc. , and for good reason -- just look at all those obese Asians who live on rice.

I'm being facetious, of course, (got that line from Dr. John McDougall, who looks fantastic for his age, btw). Common sense and history should tell us that starch isn't the problem at all. The Western diet is among the highest in animal products, and the US, Denmark, and Switzerland are among the top when it comes to dairy consumption and at the top for breast cancer and prostate cancer -- two cancers almost unheard of in countries that hardly consume any dairy at all.

So it isn't just processed carbs and processed oils that are bad for you. It's meat and dairy also. But you won't hear about that much because the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries have their representatives in the USDA.