Comment: Remember also that N Korea is very dependent

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Remember also that N Korea is very dependent

on food imports to survive. They cannot grow enough of their own food at the best of times. Now with NATO-US sanctions their food is not being imported. The starvation in this country is by cruel political design. The starvation should NOT be allowed to continue in N Korea or Iran. The media is playing a game blaming communism for this, when it is NATO-US sanctions causing the starvation.

The same is happening in Iran. Now what is the common link between N Korea and Iran? Well neither has a Rothschild owned central bank. And both now being sanctioned for the same reason, the excuse of nuclear weapons that neither have. Kind of like the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq did not have.

The only other nation without a central bank is Cuba, under sanctions for a long time. Remember Libya also did not have a Rothschild central bank but installed one before the "war" even ended and before the new puppet regime was installed.

Rothschild arrogance will not allow these three nations to challenge his financial dominance of the Earth. All will bend the knee to the elite NWO, or else starve, or maybe drone missiles, or at least a NATO-US armed/funded rebellion as in Syria.