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See my comment above. Slavery and preserving the union

were not linked in the slightest.

Preserving the union was about preserving a tax base. And it was about Lincoln's ego and saving face.

He wanted to prove Congress and the President had power over the States, INSIDE the States. The South said they didn't have that power. The question technically still isn't settled to this day. But the only parties who held that contention were conquered and occupied after a bloody war and they gave up fighting for their cause.

The South did not secede over slavery. There was no move to ban slavery. In fact, there was an effort to preserve it to keep the South in the union. The South still left, because slavery wasn't the issue for them. The issues were the intrusive and dictatorial internal regulations and heavy taxation that Congress was reigning down on them and that Lincoln was enforcing. Slavery was just fodder for the sheep.

Saying Lincoln preserved the union because of slavery is the Sesame Street-Kindergarten version of the story.