Comment: These responses are prevalent

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These responses are prevalent

I've asked officers the EXACT same question (would YOU confiscate weapons if given the order?) and they answered as follows:

1) Deputy #1 in KY: "If a judge signed the order, I'd do it".

2) Deputy #2: "That wouldn't happen." An evasive move. So I asked the question again. He responded, "I'll cross that bridge if it happens." More evasiveness.

3) Sargent: "Don't think that would happen."

4) Police Officer #1: "Yes I would. But that would never happen. You're a conspiracy theorist if you think it would happen and you're wasting your time thinking about it."

5) I did have two sheriffs tell me themselves they "would not enforce such unconstitutional orders", but after pointing out that their deputies don't feel the same way, and lack training on their oath and how to apply it, I still haven't seen an effort to train them.

I'm forwarding this link to them with the hope that they will include such training in their future Training Seminars. These videos are priceless.

Thanks for sharing.

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