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So, if I don't know what God meant by a cubit, or what other cultures meant, or how much it means now, then I shouldn't be commenting on trusting my life and salvation to a book which is ambiguous at best, and misinterpreted,translated or downrights ficticious?
I understand the issue is academic. It is difficult to say what the bible means when it has been translated and reinterpreted and when different cultures much less individual people read and comprehend things differently. Having said that, it would be tough to program my DVD player which such sketchy instructions, yet Christians are supposed to trust their lives to something so flimsy? I'd rather not.
As far as it being academic, if anyone who took the bible as truth, had an ounce of concern for being academic about their pursuit of truth, they'd be no more taking the bible as godspell than they woudl the latest issue of Spiderman. How's that for snark!

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