Comment: Getting it loud and clear.

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Getting it loud and clear.

"Now the government player would crap if the swarm was "exclusively" focused on this one very basic and fundamental point."

Ending the flow of power from earners to the criminals running government whereby that stolen power is then used to steal more power results in the earners earning more power which is then used to earn more.

This is basic math.

If x number of people can live well by productive work while y number of people steal a huge amount of that power and then consume all that stolen power in all the work required to steal more power, then, mathematically, x number of people are obviously capable of producing a whole lot of power, enough for themselves and a whole city of parasites (Union Lawyers, Politicians, Bureaucratic wastes on every level, Union "News" people, etc.), which is a lot of power since the earners are typically less "rich" than the parasites.

Each earner earns enough for a comfortable living and enough for a host of parasites who live even better.

So, logically, that measures up, mathematically, as a whole lot of power.

The parasites stop being paid so well for lying, and then they too start earning, getting real jobs, and that which is very destructive, "business as usual", becomes that which is doubly, or exponentially, more productive.

Anyone, a 10 year old, should be able to see this easily. How much of an earners earnings goes to pay someone who then is hired to lie, cheat, steal, and worse? Look at the Federal Income Tax for starters.

"Now the government player would crap if the swarm was "exclusively" focused on this one very basic and fundamental point."

The hard core bad guys, sure, they will crap a brick just thinking about what can happen if the victims polarize onto a specific workable remedy, but how many of the government parasites would welcome an honest earned income once their fraudulent gravy train derails? It is being derailed anyway.

And I will note again, the CAFR is not a "Second set of books" it is "The book"

English is not as good as math, in my opinion, for reaching the goal of accurate communication. The often made claim by criminals running government is that "we are broke".

Where did all the earnings of all the earners go - exactly - and how much power to purchase is the total amount?