Comment: I was going to Branson Missouri

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I was going to Branson Missouri

I will not buy anything from Missouri.My retirement Park in Florida goes every year. 60 to 70 visit it.I will show this video to the retires at my park.They can decide if travels might need to change.
I just read on the Internet that the company Soda Stream.The company was kicked out of the Super Bowl Commercial because Pepsi and Coke put the squeeze on a the TV station.I own a Soda Stream maker for several years.I love it.There products have no corn syrup or Aspartame.Unlike Pepsi or Coke. I will call the state Missouri by the name Misery now.Makes three states I will not spend money in.New York,California.Glad my son moved from there.Last of all Misery.

Money talks and dogs bark