Comment: I have REACHED OUT to WVCY Christian radio...

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I have REACHED OUT to WVCY Christian radio...

...with an email request that they cover this TOPIC on their Crosstalk program...

Here is the text of my email to Vic Eliason/Jim Schneider:

TOPIC: Morningland Dairy property seized January 25th

Jim, Vic;

Here is a link to the story and background;

Here is the link to the YouTube of what happened that day; when the "representatives of the state" were just "doing their job"...

approaching 17,000 views in less than 48 hours

"PLEASE share this story with the Crosstalk audience: at approximately the 4:50 mark of the YouTube video - a gentleman makes an appeal for PRAYER as this is the physical manifestation of the spiritual destruction of our country.

I believe Joseph and Denise Dixon of Morningland Dairy are born-again, God-gifted, wise & honest farmers; and I believe they would spend a whole hour with you if you sought them out.

This event is very Hitlarian - sad to watch in the video, mature American men being confronted with the fact that they are harming their fellow American for no good reason other than "I was hired for this job".

This also rises to the level whereas the local Sheriff should have given up his shield and refused to obey the court order."

I encourage OTHERS reading this thread to contact WVCY and make a personal request that they cover this!!!

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