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Letter to Milk Board


Dear Mr. Wiseman,

I have been sickened and disappointed to be alerted to a very drastic error on behalf of your Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Milk Board. You have mistakenly taken away private property being legally used to produce a product that was creating an economic benefit, health benefit, and social benefit to the community and country.

The cheese – “approximately” 32 tons of cheese being produced in a facility that came back 100% clean in an FDA test (with 99 test points), was tested and “proven” by an unknown (private) facility (chosen by the Milk Board, by my understanding) to be “tainted”. So the farmer asked for another test – but the answer from your department was “no”, we are just going to destroy all of your cheese. Now, to me that sounds like you were looking for a reason to destroy it in the first place and came up with this idea to make that happen. Because you could just let this farmer, (who obviously has a pristine operation to come back clean with the federal “tests”) to test the cheese again. And why destroy ALL of the cheese?

Your issuance of a court order, and using the heavy hand of force to destroy property – specifically the property of a farmer who is the back-bone of this nation and providing a huge service to our community – is not only wrong, it is disgusting.

Civil Rights Violations

1. Not allowing people to consume a product they deem worthy of consumption in the first place.
2. Asking people for their papers (identification) when those people are doing nothing unlawful.
3. Taking pictures of license plates as “precautionary measures” when those law enforcement officials could cause problems for those demonstrators in the future by using their license plates numbers.

I don’t live in your State, but rest assured I will do everything in my power to make sure that MY State, Colorado – never ever follows the violating suit that your office has with its war on raw milk farmers.

In Food Freedom,

Tisha Casida
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