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rand is electable

I appreciate any and all comments on this site as I see anyone on this site as a brother of sorts. Do I think that Rand would be as good as a president as his father? Hell no! That being said, Rand gets it just like his father. There is no doubt he would end up being one of the best presidents ever, unlike our current one which we all know will end up being one of the worst.

Rand does have one thing that Ron does not. Electability. Rand could appeal to enough people to get elected. He can play politics way better than his dad.

There is no doubt that by the next pres. election, our stock market will have crashed under the weight of the govt debt. The electorate will be pissed! People will finally be ready for something new. Actually, I expect emperor Owebama to be impeached by then and dumb Joe might be potus. Ron made the first path. Rand will follow it.

Jim B for Liberty!