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Emotions as chemical reactions

I'm more confused now. I think this is most likely me reading your post differently from how you meant it. "I didn't mean to imply that forgiveness and emotions weren't connected," how can you allow for the possibility of emotions being connected to something that doesn't exist?

Then you say "Emotions don't exist..." which may answer my first question, perhaps you simply mean that things that don't exist can have all the fantasy connections they want, who cares, they don't exist? But the part that throws me off from that train of thought is that you then go on to explain how emotions absolutely do have a physical manifestation and must therefore, exist. I mean, if we named the "sadness highway of synapses" something else more physical sounding like... I don't know, "the sadness highway of synapses," would you then admit that that path in the brain exists and has a manifestation in humans which we have happened to name "sadness"?