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Comment: Call my Senator?

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Call my Senator?

What would you like me to call them, Lying Incompetent Corporatist Collectivist Scum? They don't represent me, they represent those who got them elected and those who plan to pad their Bahamma offshore accounts for pushing legislation that benefits them. My two senators are Cornyn (R), who led the GOP senatorial campaign (that worked out great didn't it?) and Cruz (R) who will probably vote agaisnt any amnesty to look good for the Tea Party dupes, since there will be enough of his collectivists pals voting for it. It's real simple to see it's a Corporatist plan, since Rubio, who blocked 50+ good immigration reform when he was Florida House Speaker is involved. Then we have McAmnesty nough said, and his sissy man knee pad wearer sidekick, Gomer Graham who shouldn't need any comment, Jeff 'the Flake' and another Tea Party sellout Mike Lee. Also, we hear from Cry Baby Boner praising word a good bipartisan bill coming out of a 'secret group', with 'hard nosed' conservative on immigration reform representing his party, those being the afore mentioned scum.

I will, however, at least do my duty and call my Senatrons and my Congressborg of the greater Collective and let them know we don't want to become Mexico, and they already have immigration laws to enforce. That's the real joke, as they are only trying to jockey for votes, not solve the problem. The extremely igorant Republicons think they can lure the freeloaders away from the Social welfare giving Demoncats, by preaching the social issues, what a joke! And, for your information, Mexicans hate Cubans, so Rubio will be the big loser if he's the chosen one in '16, if the collectivists vote this bill through.

Here's where you can get a list of your Collectivist numbers.