Comment: For starters, and only the first of many things:

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For starters, and only the first of many things:

"...then he should do everything he can to overturn the outrageous rules changes passed by the RNC at the convention in August..."

The rest of the work, to restore the Constitution and to make sure every GOP member of Congress adheres to it at all times, had better be really high up there on the priority list and pretty damn soon.

Supporting Constitutional laws and having all laws apply equally to them as well as to the people they are imposing those laws on would help. Repealing all unconstitutional laws should be up there in the top 5, too.

Throwing the lobbyists out would seal the deal. But, these freeloaders may think that's too much to ask of them. They would then have to live like the rest of us, within their means. Government OF, BY and FOR THE PEOPLE; not of, by, and for the corporations and lobbyists who line their pockets on top of our tax dollars which pay for their salaries and benefits.

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