Comment: Boycott Missouri

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Boycott Missouri

This kind of crap sickens me to my core, When any powers that be say they represent the State comes in and destroys farmers, their products, and their livlihood, then something is terribly wrong.
This is the same thing that went on in Ukraine and many of the Soviet Republics when the U.S.S.R. was flexing its muscles.
Destroy under the guise of protecting...that's the new wave of terrorism by the State...sorta like...that damn Patriot Act.
Praying for the bastards will look good on paper, but will result in little immediate action. Actually, I believe the States will all continue to push and push until they get their way...people will eventually have enough and start fighting back, that's when the State will surely have its way...Total control will step in to put a stop, then we will have a sort of martial law...and that's beginning to looks like it's going to eventually happen.
Someone's going to say...enough is enough.
I hear the Jews were really nice to the Nazis...they complied, and did as they were told too. That did not help them much.
If each of the Jews had a weapon...things would have been much different...
What do you think would have happened if all those "good" people who came to "preach" had their deer rifle...loaded...?
That's what should had happened.
Because sometimes you've gotta fight those damn Nazis.... because there aint no Calvary a coming over that hill.
Know what I mean?