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snakepit22 --thank you for asking good questions

I've been reading many of your reply's to others and you have received ZERO answers to your sincere questions. The answers you have received have been HOLLOW, sarcastic, and full of death---certainly not LIFE giving and for this I am grieved and ask your forgiveness on behalf of those who profess Christ as their Saviour.

First, I want to answer your essential question of "how can God be gracious and full of love if He is going to torture and burn the majority of His creation for eternity?"

God is love, His nature is love, and all that He does flows from His nature of LOVE.

I categorically deny and repudiate the teaching of eternal torment and agree with the Apostle Paul that the teaching of 'damnation' is HERESY. (2Pet.2:1)

The teaching of eternal torment is heresy. This teaching originated with Augustine...He could not read Greek and because of this he interpreted many verses with the words 'fire', destruction', ernal/everlasting' through the Latin language and thus the error of eternal torment was spread far and wide.

Is there judgement? Yes, for God is just and His judgements are to so that people will learn righteousness (to do and BE right with God) and his corrections are temporary in length and redemptive in nature.(Is.26:9; Matt:12:20-21)
Jesus said that if " I be be lifted up (on the cross) that I will draw (Greek *drag*) ALL MEN UNTO ME".
All means all...not a few...all.

This will happen to each person in due time as grace is given for that individual person to receive the life of Christ freely given to them. (1cor15:21-22).

Mercy TRIUMPHS over judgement!

Love never fails.

Jesus Christ death on the cross has paid the price for every mans sin....for the WAGES of sin is death but the free gift is life eternal through Christ Jesus.
Praise His Holy Name!.
The blessings of Christ to you!

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM.