Comment: I have a hard time believing this is real and not staged.

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I have a hard time believing this is real and not staged.

My mind refuses to accept it. Farmers, once the backbone of America, brought to their knees by two men with a piece of paper. I saw not one gun, no swat team, yet the cheese farm owners allowed these guys to come onto their property and remove their life.
I saw something similar a while back on Daily Paul when govt demanded of a family farm about to sit down to a huge Thanksgiving Dinner with family and members of the community to throw into the garbage every food that was prepared for the festive occasion. Govt agents were two women without guns. Can you beat that?

These farmers, all burly manly men types, deserve their fate. Only through pain and suffering will people truly wake up to reality. Someone please show me where in that Book of Plagiarism we call Bible does it say to surrender to whomever has the bigger stick even when you know they are breaking the once sacred law of the Constitution. God has no part in this, but the stupid farmer quoted the bible like an idiot would.

God gave us free will. A lot of fools think that means He gave us the ability to think and make choices. Well these farmers disprove that theory. The truth is God gave us Freedom; that is the "free will" he gave us. We were slaves of those that came from the heavens and we were eventually given Freedom, which equates to Free Will.

And I keep reading how the govt is in for a big surprise when they come to take our guns. I agree, they will be surprised to see how quickly we give them up.

If ever there would have been justification for a man to pull a weapon, this was it; this along with about 100 other stupid pig farmer stories I've heard recently. The cheese farmer should have defended his land with his life because it was his life, and now he will be haunted to his dying day because of what he did not do. He had enough time to call neighboring farmers to come see him eat dirt at the hands of two men with a piece of govt paper. He should have told everyone willing, to bring a rifle or shotgun because they were gonna have some fun with govt agents who trespassed on his property and were making demands.
He could have at least taken his own shotgun, and told the leader if he takes one item he'd be killed. He could have confiscated their cars and truck and clothes, and have made them walk back to where they came from. Eventually he would have been killed, but he would have died a happy man, proud of himself, and the God he doesn't understand would have welcomed him proudly. Now he dies each day.

I pray I have the guts to stand my ground when the shtf, but if I act cowardly I'd rather die before seeing a recording on youtube. I'm sure this man wishes he were dead now, or he should. Just so he knows, I think he is an axxhole.

I still think this entire scenario may have been staged for the benefit of the masses as a excellent conditioning video. Get used to the idea that govt can come and take anything they want.
At what point do we take up arms I've been asking for three years. Let me answer - we won't. We will be owned by whoever paid govt for us, human commodity. We are slaves, and slaves we will remain if we hope and pray for a God to intercede for us and if we continue to believe that killing to protect our life and what belongs to us is wrong.