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Comment: Thanks DP!

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Thanks DP!

I've always been somewhat bewildered by the interpretation of God as a totalitarian. To me, when I study the Bible God is the ultimate libertarian. He gives us the freedom to choose what is good and reject what is bad, or not.

It's almost a year since I first heard of Ron Paul, and what a year it has been for rocking my view of the world and reality!! I hadn't the slightest idea things were the way they are. It felt like a personal blow to me each time a victory was robbed from our delegates, each time it was lied about in the media, etc. But have you ever had that moment when something you've known all along and thought you understood suddenly just clicks, and takes on a whole new dimention? It's nothing new, but at the same time it is because suddenly you understand?

That moment came to me once on the DP when someone posted this link: I read it, and it occurred to me: the evil that caused thug-cops to throw our (my impression of) soft-spoken, wise, elderly delegate with a bad hip onto the floor, the evil that is the banking system and polititians together robbing the people, the evil that is the lies of the media...(list goes on) That is the EXACT same evil that I vote for or against on a personal level, every day, every moment. And as strong as its presence is in the world, it will never be strong enough to confiscate my thoughts, my heart and soul, unless I let it. And I won't. I choose liberty! And as long as I do, and you do, and as many people as we can influence in a positive way do, we win. The other side has already lost the war. (And I hope will also lose the battle against our U.S. Constitution!)

So thanks to the DP for being an unlikely catalyst for making me a better Christian! I find the diversity of everyone here refreshing and stimulating, whatever your personal faith or un-faith is. As long as you consider yourself a libertarian you are my brother/sister in faith at some level.