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First, Congratulations Granger and thank you!!!

Second, Interesting aside on the use of the word liberty. Liberty is a privilege, freedom is our right. The liberty movement rightly translates to the "privilege movement."

Our country is now following admiralty law, not common law as our founding documents demand. This is why you see the gold fringe on our flags in all federal offices and courts. This comment to follow is from a friend of mine who has studied legal documents extensively, and he makes a very good point and considering his observation I submit we should be referring to it as the freedom movement rather than the liberty movement. ~

"Admiralty has always claimed jurisdiction everywhere that's why we won “liberty” and not freedom. Liberty is a privilege granted to crew members by the captain of a ship, that's also why the statue of liberty is in the ocean, not on the mainland.

Even though we were allowed to make our own rules, their rules have always covered anything ours left out. You can find that in writing in a publication titled, “The UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts."

Blessings )o(