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Comment: To pray is from Sanskrit for 'to ask"

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To pray is from Sanskrit for 'to ask"

The federal government is hoping for enough civil violence to justify Marshall law.

As a group we are outgunned and under-financed. Whatever that group is.

Some have posted links. perhaps there is a way to be proactive. At the first sign of trouble show up to support or friends, neighbors and local businesses.

Many are or have battled them in courts.

Some are spreading the word and telling the truth of the seizure of private property, in open violation of the Constitution.

The Sheriffs aided and abetted this crime. They are guilty of Misprision of Treason if not worse, Title 18 USCode.

Peaceful civil disobedience only takes the courage of putting your health and life on the line.

Let governments have their violence. But they can no longer depend on compliance but civil disobedience every time the turn around.

When the cost of oppression exceeds the expected profits investors retreat.

Free includes debt-free!