Comment: Suggestion for Mr. Priebus and Michael...

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Suggestion for Mr. Priebus and Michael...


I know many might vehemently reject this idea, but...

How about if "our" RNC chairman sets up a VETTED (as him by Michael N.) account here @ the Daily pAuL and actually commences the process of COMMUNICATING with us.

Yes, a busy man, shouldn't be expected to post constantly or even very often, but what-the-hey?? If the man actually took this step... good chance for us (yep, me included) to see if we have the wherewithal to refrain from brutal personal attacks and name-calling, right??

Personally I don't care if the only reason the Chair is "extending the Olive Branch" is because the "numbers say he needs us" or whatever. Not a thing wrong with opening some repartee on what "we" (okay--us/them) agree upon. I posit that the first "plank" might be that the Democrat philosophy/platform is truly tyrannical, even to the point of being demonic (atheists may prefer another term but likely do agree with the point).

Michael Nystrom?? Thoughts??
(Shooting me straight down is, obviously, a perfectly acceptable response.)