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Let's go over this, point by point.

Let me first apologize, you seem a little butthurt and upset.

No, I was annoyed by your ridiculous and asinine post, as I already explained. You can take your back-handed apology and shove it.

I don't know where your mind was going with that "sexism" talk.
Like I already said, referring to her as a "little girl", as if she were a small child, hinted at sexism to me. If that wasn't your intent, then I apologize, but I still think your post about her was extremely disrespectful and off the mark.

If you think that drone strikes, theft, rape, tyranny is our military, get off the AJ website and read a military times article.

First, I don't go to AJ's website or listen to his show. Stop making assumptions. Second, yes, I do think that rape, drone strikes, and tyranny is what the military is all about. Are all the individual soldiers like that? Absolutely not, but as a whole, yes, the US military represents tyranny. Take a look at all of our foreign bases to see what I mean.

I don't care why people join the military, that's their business. But I'll tell you that some people join to serve their country maybe because their father or grandfather joined and they want to carry the tradition. Or maybe because they aren't mature enough to go to college yet. The reasons are endless.

Agreed here. Probably would've been better if you had said that rather than act as if people joined because they wanted to be part of something bigger, which is both a generalization and a lie.

I don't agree with everything this govt does but that's not where my faith lies, it lies with country first. You probably don't know what that feels like.
First, there you go making assumptions about me again. Not very smart, are you?

Second, anybody who joins the military without concerning themselves about our foreign policy is an idiot. Why in the world would anyone fight and die for reasons that are completely unknown to them? Do you *really* buy the lie that any of these countries pose any sort of legitimate threat to the US? It's the other way around.

If you want to protect your country, then PROTECT it. Going overseas to fight a war based on lies isn't protecting the US or the people living in it.

Your UCMJ paragraph makes no sense. Not even going to acknowledge that. You probably don't even know what UCMJ means.

Uniform Code of Military Justice.

What, did you think you were the only person here who has ever been in the military or something? You're not fucking special. That's the third baseless assumption you've made about me that I've shot down. Got any more?

Also, it made perfect sense. The UCMJ, like the Constitution, is only followed when it's convenient to those at the top of the chain. When it becomes inconvenient, it is disregarded. Go ahead and say that it isn't the case.

Also people In the army and any branch of military aren't wasting any money. It's these ass hats in the White House that are by putting us there. So before you mess your pants over this, try being a little patriotic and support your troops. You sound like a liberal.

The fact that you're willingly serving in the armed forces only proves that you're complicit with those "ass hats in the White House" spending as recklessly as they do. You sound like the Nazis who claimed to be "just following orders".

Try being patriotic by supporting your troops?! Ha! If you think patriotism means blind support for the military, then you'd be better off at the The Blaze. Also, no, not a "liberal"...and you should probably look up what that word means, genius.

tldr; you come off like an average jingoist who equates blind support for the welfare/warfare state with "patriotism", and is too intellectually bankrupt to do anything other than make assumptions rather than formulate an actual response. gfy

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