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I'll try and make myself

I'll try and make myself clearer as I see it. As the GOP stands now with whomever is running the party...I see no hope in its current status especially after all the shenanigans and deceits used against Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters trying to participate in local state elections. Now that they have lost ...they are looking to redeem themselves looking to favour a very maligned abused group of hard working active and loyal Ron Paul conservatives within the existing GOP. Rand Paul is establishment's hope in persuading RP conservatives to support the GOP as it stands now. What I'm saying is that there are other newly elected conservatives that better represent Ron Paul's legacy. Many see Rand Paul, me included, as a panderer of the existing established GOP to score points for himself. In so doing, he has disavowed his father and his loyal supporters to jump on the band wagon. He voted for the patriot act, He is cozying up to Israel, and has condoned boycot as an act of war. All this adds up to his supporting the existing foreign policy which is in direct opposition to Ron Paul's platform and legacy. You are asking for blind trust in your support of Rand Paul when there are others to have a closer look at. ie Justin Amash. I would also like to know about Jeff Duncan. These guys are fighting an uphill battle and seem more in tune with Ron Paul's legacy including his foreign policy than all the hype being given to Rand. Will Ron Paul endorse anyone? Does Ron Paul endorse Rand?