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Comment: Due to the actions witinessed;

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Due to the actions witinessed;

I do not trust his integrity. Sure, it would be nice to have his help in getting better candidates in office, but in the end, he cannot be trusted. That trust issue kind of makes any efforts to work with him mute.

I vote to stay the course and see the likes of Reince removed from our party. There is no way on earth I would vote for him or support anyone who would vote for him.

He might be in a position of power for the time being, but he will not lead the republican party to victory. This last election, it was not a matter of the republicans winning office, it was a matter of making it a Romney/Obama match up to be aired on the reality news. Operation SandyHook, the gun grab efforts....all planned in advance....and this charismatic stooge played his role in the scripted election process.