Comment: I disagree.

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I disagree.

One of the main arguments sheep made between Obama and Romney was deciding which candidate was the "lesser" of two evils. I don't think Rand is evil at all.

Nor do his views (the ones I'm aware of) seem as warped and off course like Obama and so many other politicians.

There is a point a lot of the diehard Ron Paul supporters seem to be forgetting. Ron Paul didn't become president. Nor, I believe, was he TRYING to become the president. Him running was just a way to get his ideals out.

Rand IS trying to become president.

His father set the "extreme" bar. Now he's coming in saying "Look, I'm twice as reasonable as my father." Which makes him appealing to the status quo and also the crazy libertarians and conservatives. Rand can't just come out and say "I want what my father wanted". He'd end up suffering the same fate.

Big business and shadow government folks have been able to sneak pawns into office by telling them to appeal to the people; and it never fails, once they're in office all they work for is big government and big business. Why can't we sneak someone in? Let Rand appease the big government and big business politicians and crooks. Let him say whatever going in...then turn the tables on them once in office.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.