Comment: No, this is NOT staged!

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No, this is NOT staged!

They started coming after Morningland Dairy after the first SWAT team
raid on the private food co-op in LA (the summer of '11, I believe.) Apparently they confiscated product in that raid and let it sit out for a few days prior to testing it. I used to have access to this cheese through a private co-op here in OR, (where I USED to be able to get really good raw milk, as well.) The thing I noticed about Morningland Cheese is that it kept VERY WELL in the refrigerator. It came in fairly large portions, and always took me up to a month to consume it all, and it NEVER got moldy. This does not happen with regular, pasteurized cheese that comes from the grocery store.
This is a travesty...these people have been fighting this fight for going on two years. I can't believe they actually went through with this and destroyed 18 tons of perfectly good, pure food.