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Comment: Mind Science

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Mind Science

Thanks, I sit in a library all day on campus helping students find books, and no one reads anymore so I don’t have much to do. Since all my homework is done, I even took notes.

Here ya go.

-How did the powerful people gain more power? They did not gain it; they took power away from the less powerful. This idea ties into the university conspiracy, and the “greatest mind control experiment the government ever did on us,[which] is telling us our minds are not powerful.” (I’m not citing this it was the dude around 13:57) Ok, so… I am conflicted here. They did take the power in a way. They knew the less powerful had something (power in their minds) that they (the less powerful) did not know they had, and they (more powerful) took it from them before they found out about it. If I had $100, but for some reason I did not know I had it and you took it before I even knew it was mine… I did not give it to you as this video implies, you stole it from me. On that note, you should know what you have. I know I have a powerful thing in my mind, and my Dad spent my whole childhood telling me to not let anyone take my thoughts from me. Am I “powerful”? Meh, not really… I also have no desire to be powerful, I just want to be. So, maybe if you do not know your mind is powerful… maybe you deserve to have it taken from you?

-16:42 Rocky Mountain High! Not relevant, just fun.

-Crystals. Crystal skulls, interfacing, smarter than mega computers. I do not know about trapping “healing vibrations” in a stone. Stone pendants are not tangible enough for me, but I have spent hours in the library reading on crystal skulls and I think all the worlds’ history and all the worlds’ answers to all the worlds questions are stored there, so I guess stone pendants are not that crazy.

-Wave Function. Consciousness collapses wave function. Simply by being somewhere 1 can collapse the wave function with consciousness. I love that idea. It explains why some people give me a bad feeling simply by being in my space, while others make me smile simply by being in my space.

-Soul Mate? Spiritual soul bond? I do not understand exactly what this lady is talking about. In my head soul mate implies 1, I find that so hard to believe. The soul mate stuff seemed weird to me, but I am not really interested in love so I’ll move on from here.

-“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” I liked that quote. I tell the girl I babysit for that we can only ever imagine what has already been or what will someday be. We are merely thought and action, no more, no less.

I’m going to leave it here for now, this is probably way too much already. Thanks for the video.