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Iran Sanctions: yep, that's a problem. But considering he's clearly opposed to war with Iran, it's a problem I'm willing to overlook.

Feinstein NDAA Amendment: That was a good amendment, it would have reduced the government's power to indefinitely detain people.

Romney endorsement: So what? This kind of gesture is part of politics. Ron endorsed some neocons in his career.

Romney cheerleader: Not true, after endorsing Romney, Rand started vocally criticizing Romney's foreign and domestic policy - even while nominally campaigning for Romney! It's was rather amusing, check out the video of him "campaigning for Romney" in NH. One could argue that the entire purpose of the endorsement was to give Rand the opportunity to criticize Romney as a nominal friend: criticism from friends is more powerful than criticism from enemies.

Israel: Don't confuse rhetoric for reality. There are other threads where this has been hashed out. I take Rand's words re Israel as an attempt to placate pro-Israel Republican voters. Like it or not, we need them to win.

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