Comment: Your are using incidents that do not apply.

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Your are using incidents that do not apply.

Did General Washington retreat or did he DISARM?

Would he have DISARMED?

Were not the first battles of the revolution over resisting DISARMAMENT? (Lexington and Concord)

Did the British disarm at Dunkirk, or just retreat WITH THEIR ARMS?

You can't "fight another day" if you have nothing to fight with.

The Germans and Spartans didn't lose because they resisted instead of retreating, they lost because they got beat.

You also seem to confuse the idea that if one disarms, one has not thus "lost."

If an army disarms, it has no choice but surrender, and thus - it lost.

You are using the idea of strategic retreat of an Army that REMAINS ARMED and thus ABLE to "fight another day" and confusing that with allowing yourself to be disarmed and not resisting.

Secondly, the choice is NOT between disarming and being left alone or resisting and dying.

The choice is being disarmed and surely dying either immediately or in a camp, or resisting and maybe dying, depending on your success at resisting.

The option to "disarm and be left alone" is pure wishful thinking and does not exist. It is koolaid that tyrants peddle to get sheep to move to slaughter.

Disarmed people are not left alone by their governments. They are enslaved. And if they resist enslavement, they are murdered.