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He voted for the patriot act

No, he definitely did not vote for the PATRIOT Act! He's tried to amend the PATRIOT to remove section 215, which would strip the government of some of its unconstitutional powers.

All this adds up to his supporting the existing foreign policy

No, it doesn't. It adds up to those specific things you mentioned - nothing more, nothing less. He definitely does not support the current foreign policy. He's vocally opposed the Afghan and Iraq Wars, he's spoken out against starting a war with Iran, and voted against a bill that would have pushed in that direction (he was the only nay in this vote). He wants to cut military spending by several tens of billions, to start with. He's introduced numerous bills to protect civil liberties from the homeland security state: bills requiring judicial review for various activities which the feds now do without any accountability, bills to prevent unconstitutional searches and seizures, a bill to require warrants for the use of drones, etc. He want to eliminate foreign aid, albeit gradually.

You are asking for blind trust in your support of Rand Paul when there are others to have a closer look at. ie Justin Amash.

Amash voted for Iran sanctions too, did you know that?

Rand Paul is establishment's hope in persuading RP conservatives to support the GOP as it stands now.

That's funny. No, Rand is leading the "very maligned abused group" (i.e. us) to victory in the next phase of the R3volution - despite all the resistance from behind.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."