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Yes I am.

Translations are done by men, men who are under the power of whatever organization. The Bible doesn't actually 'belong' to any organization, but to those who have a certain bent of character that moves them to believe in a certain way. Organizations have sprung up because of one enlightened soul's teaching - that being Christianity. Jesus passed the torch to Peter, ir eventually became organised, and now consisted of many sects.
You know most people move in groups - be they political, religious, scholarly, ideological - and exist because those with like minds gravitate towards one another. You and I both frequent the DP because we have found others who think as we do, yet, within our 'group' are those who bend and twist all sorts of ways. What brings us all together, though, is our belief in our individuality and the fight for Liberty. But how good is our cause if we can't accept all the quirks and varied beliefs of our group?
Let people believe as they wish. When they begin to act dictatorial, call them out and explain why you don't agree. Posting quotes offers no explanation but is purely an act of belligerence. You didn't offer them in a spirit of unity or even as an enquiry, but to highlight what you believe to be inconsistancies. 1 Timothy isn't even God's or Jesus' words, they're the words of Paul from a letter. The same with Psalms. God didn't write Psalms, either.
And I will call you out on your negative character traits if that is what you use to cause discord on this thread. There was no reasoning or logic to your initial post. It was stricly put there to sneer at those who believe in a certain way. Don't try to deny that now because it won't work. You didn't write that post in the spirit of good faith, but to antogonize. I see your 'ad hom' and call 'straw man'.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison