Comment: yes, i agree that

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yes, i agree that

mom's need to be there for their babies. I wish kids these days got to spend more time with their moms and their dads and family in general. Instead the go to daycare and pre-school? It is a crazy circle of money. It makes no sense.

I don't see it as us encouraging women to be in combat. I view it as us allowing them to take that path if they choose it. Some women have no desire to have kids. Can they not serve their country? It seems like the military has all sorts of tests to put people where they will be best able to serve.

The article talks about averages. And, yeah on average women are shorter and have less muscle mass. However, some women are big enough and strong enough. Should they be precluded from doing the job? No.

Is there any meaning to the timing of the announcement? Is it a political move?