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Winning the presidency...

without first winning the hearts and minds of a critical mass of citizens whose thoughts are focused on liberty, self-reliance and non-interventionism is a fool's errand.

Even with the recent expansions of the power of the executive, the office is still incredibly weak. The president cannot make law. The president's vetoes can be overridden. Constitutionally the president must engage in war if Congress says so. The president's proposed budgets must be approved by Congress.

The presidency right now only seems more powerful because the president is being used as a scapegoat for Congress's actions and the will of the elite global social engineers and their cabal of non-governmental think tanks.

Rand sanitizing his message to appeal to assorted zionists and tea party rabble, who don't share his libertarianim, to gain the office of presidency will only set him up to either be demonized before the election or get him or his loved ones killed once in office.

The zionists in both parties and in Israel are a serious bunch and they mean business. And they are skilled and practiced veterans of political gangsterism and warmongering on a global scale.

If they ALLOW Rand to become president and he is not backed up by a critical mass of the people then his enemies will make sure he is de-fanged and castrated prior to swearing in. Ron spoke about this many times over a period of decades. That job #1 was an awakening and spreading the message of liberty. That job is NOT complete.

Rand's sanitizing act will only serve to confuse and deflate the liberty movement that is looking for honesty and character...

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