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You really believe these farmers are doing more good by

speaking out and telling their story? Why not do both?
The videos were taken by their neighbors, that's fine, witness to everthing. If the farmer would have drawn his shotgun on the two men maybe those two men would stop terrorizing people and find another way to make a living.
The farmer did not have to shoot anyone, could have blown out their car tires, it hardly matters. He should have impressed the govt agents that they (agents) were taking big risk making demands and breaking the law. The farmer should have insisted that everyone witness the agents were breaking the law of the Constitution and asked them politely to remove themselves and their vehicles from his land.
There were only two agents, and a truck driver.
By the time the Sheriff arrived those men should have been off the land. Also, the impact the farmer's story would have made in circles like DP or Alex Jones, etc would have been 1000% more favorable and would have been an inspirational story for all under dogs, citizens in America.
But no, we have to be subjected to yet another humiliating story of govt trouncing a god-foolish farmer; or do these farmers hide behind the bible because they are cowards? Didn't Jesus kick butt when he wanted to?
The important point is that you cannot keep beating a dead horse. Govt does wrong, we discuss it, then argue about it, then go to court over it, but we NEVER win. If farmer wins a law suit, that's not a win since it's govt's aim to spend & destroy and citizens pay up court costs and awards. It's TIME TO RETALIATE. Wake up.

Who do you think invented all that bible crap? Church and Govt - certainly not God. All bible stories are twisted to keep the masses in a controlled state and befuddled since only Church can interpret "correctly" the words of God. Bull crap pure and simple. If you want to know the words of God you have to read what was written BEFORE the Bible, BEFORE govt and church put their dirty hands on the written words.

Wake up -- when these agents learn they will be met on a regular basis with equal force, at least this war will be out in the open.