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Comment: Damn, SOC, I wished I could get that deal.

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Damn, SOC, I wished I could get that deal.

If I could've opted out or SS, MC, and MC at a young age I would've been a lot happier. I always thought the elections were rigged so not voting would be great. And as far as your children idea, HELL YEAH! Who wants there baby to be slapped with a SS number, have their DNA diagnosed and categorized for consumption of elites and corporate purposes only, and pumped full of toxic immunizations? And since I believe that man should be free, no matter where he may just so happen to pop out of his mama's womb, I would be elated to have at least a small portion of the population have this tiny amount of liberty. I just only wish it could be me. And, hey, they won't be drafted either! And they won't be convinced that the USGovt.'s debt is their debt either!! BRILLIANT! You are my hero, SMC!