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Hmmm. 3rd World Sesspool huh?

Murray Rothbard claimed that the only reason that the US is not 3rd World, as were most of the rest of the European Colonies is that there was too much land here. I suppose Australia would fit in the same category. All of Latin America had little arable land compared to the population. The US had way too much land. So the aristocrats from Europe had no means to enslave the local population and control the small amounts of land. So, this country did not end up as third world. Thanks Murray! He has taught me more than all people before him combined. And I only really discovered him 6 or 8 months ago. The guy is brilliant.

I think the US in many ways is a sesspool, btw. Fat people galore, materialism out the wazoo, processed food to the point of nonrecognition, over-regulation and surveillance of the likes that no other humans, especially from simpler times, could even comprehend, propaganda unlike Goebbels couldn't have imagined, totalitarian rule so advanced that its victims truly believe they are the freest people to ever have lived on earth, and ultra-expensive allopathy (synthetic readily available herbs) to the point of insanity .