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Comment: Thanks exposer - I do speak from the heart.

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Thanks exposer - I do speak from the heart.

I know what happened in Tampa, I know about Mr. Blackwell, and I also know about Ben Ginsberg and HIS rules. This is not about being schooled by some parasites(lawyers), but about hearing the truth. And while I realize that expecting the TRUTH from reince is hilarious at best, it's one thing to expect something, and a whole other thing to want to hear it straight from his mouth - whether that's the truth or not.

Sadly, I also tend to think that even if the bus had made it to the convention on time, that the "Aye's" would've still been read off the teleprompter anyway.

Bottom line is - I want to hear him address THE ISSUES/BEEF's that we have with him. If he seriously thinks that his conscience is so clean, then surely he won't have a problem answering a few questions without feeling "uncomfortable". After all, in HIS eyes he did nothing wrong or improper, correct? Some may not care to hear it, but I personally can't wait to hear how he could possibly excuse himself after everything that happened.