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No, I saw it

I saw the hand jab and the asking for ID. The asking for ID is pretty standard from law enforcement. They can ask but can't require you to give it up. Chances are probably good none of those officers really know much about when they can't or can't ask for an ID. To get up in arms over police inappropriately asking for ID seems a bit much to me.

As for the camera hand jab, it wasn't the worst I've seen but he probably shouldn't have done it. Having someone shove a camera in your face and repeatedly ask you questions can get a bit annoying. So yeah, not good but really not something I'm going to storm the capitol over.

Finally, I'm not sure how many friends one makes by coming across like an asshole. It's more than obvious that prohibiting raw milk is silly but showing a cop mildly lose his cool only makes the author look like a jerk and the policeman look slightly grumpy. Mean time, no one is convinced raw milk should be legal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for recording but perhaps it should be a little more meaningful.