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Here is my letter to Professor Seidman:

Professor Seidman,

It is utterly IRRESPONSIBLE for you to advocate doing away with large swaths of our U.S. Contitution. The Constitution is one of America's great founding documents. It should be respected, upheld, and defended by every American, EVEN by lowly "law professors" such as yourself. Instead, you choose to openly attack a document which is designed to protect the precious freedoms which have made our nation the envy of the world.

Our Founding Fathers, in their great wisdom, were students of history. They knew that freedom is fragile. They did their best to give us a Supreme Law of the Land and a Republican form of government in order to secure liberty for themselves and their posterity. They feared the day would come when our country would devolve into tyranny. Our Constitution has been under assault for decades, but has only been recently that treasonous "intellects" such as yourself have had the temerity to openly and publicly promote the outright unraveling and destruction of the Constitution. You should be ashamed of yourself as an American.

If you don't care for our Constitution, I suggest the following options:
(1) Accept it anyway and enjoy the God-given freedoms that it protects.
(2) Attempt to amend the Constitution through procedures outlined by law.
(3) Renounce your U.S. Citizenship and emigrate to another country with a different constitution.

Ann in Florida