Comment: These are NOT "law enforcers" they're "corporate thug enforcers"

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These are NOT "law enforcers" they're "corporate thug enforcers"

These are NOT "law enforcers" they're "corporate thug enforcers"

They look, talk and act like absolute complete unconstitutional Nazi thugs! Plain as day! They are the trash heap that the corporate sponsored "Milk loser bunch of P u s s i e s Board" call upon when they cry like little babies that they don't want competition from legit small farms producing an honest product and making a living which is their ABSOLUTE UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO DO SO. And I might add it's their absolute GOD GIVEN UNALIENABLE RIGHT to defend themselves and their property from thugs such as these!!! Makes my garbage look attractive!

They got us so damn flustered because they KNOW there are NO consequences for their actions. They know they will get away with it. They know that most honest law abiding men and women who love their God and their country wont do jack S H I T about it! Me included... we need to wake up... and ASAP before theirs nothing left to defend!

sorry for the 2nd post, just needed to vent! because this crap is outta control!

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