Comment: It's a no brainer

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It's a no brainer

Hey Cops,
You were asked about the 2nd Amendment, and you have that deer caught in the headlights look on your face. What's with that...yeah, the 2nd know the one you "swore" an oath to uphold.
Geez...Are all you guys worried about your "pension"...yeah, the one that won't buy you bread when you get there.
It should have been a "spontaneous" Yes, I support the Constitution, and I whole heartedly support the 2nd Amendment...and don't you guys worry one bit...If ever given the order to round up your weapons, I will be the first to fire a shot at the SomeBeach that gives the orders. Don't you guys worry about that.
Someone in that County should snatch that "Sheriff" badge of that Bozo, and give it to the one deputy that seemed like he was somewhat concerned about the 2nd Amendment.
The Sheriff is suppose to protect us from Tyranny.
Maybe that's why our founding fathers wrote it in the Constitution, they knew there would be cowards down the road...too many afraid of the "KING"...too many willing to lay down and give up.