Comment: which videos ?

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which videos ?

which videos r u talking about, would like to see them in spare time.
i am not sure whether buildings were brought down by explosives or whatever, but i do believe important info about the coming attacks were ignored at various levels, maybe willfully - just like around Pearl Harbour, and then misinformation was spread about the wrong causes of attack - that they hate us because we are free !! - they hate us because we kill their wives and children and steal their oil.
i was quite surprised that the X-Files spinoff The Lone Gunmen had shown a 911 like attack in its Pilot episode in March 2001 !! the movie Executive Decision showed a similar attack using planes as missiles in 1996 - about a good 5 yrs before the attack ! and the people in high places said they never expected it, nobody in the CIA, DIA and NSA thought of this scenario ?
gimme a break.
crimes of omission and a cover up are just as criminal as the original attacks.

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