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You have slayed nothing...

And you resort to divert and deflect ad hominem attacks in 3 of 3 comments in this thread: here, here, and here.

And thanks for your offer to de-pussify me and my friends, but again, your ad hominem attacks seem to divert from promoting liberty, and instead perpetuate internal conflict within the DP community.

What is your purpose here at the DP FBI Exposure?

I'm not a chump, not viewed as a chump, nor are my friends who continue to work through ALL avenues within the GOP chumps, and what is gained (for our cause of liberty) by you insinuating so because we choose to try to work with those who have clearly harmed us.

Nothing. Nothing is gained from you, alleged FBI_Exposer, insinuating that liberty activists who choose to work with Party leadership are chumps for doing so.

Please explain what strawman argument I am putting up to knock down with am I misrepresenting your argument?

I never said the grassroots GOPers were the chairmen nor elected politicians (though there are grassroots [and friendly] GOPers in leadership, committees, and elected positions in Texas, so I don't know why you try to say there are not.). Perhaps you did not know that the grassroots in Texas is a lot different than the grassroots wherever you're from...we've actually made substantial gains within the Party.

Why assume that we're NOT crystal clear with our people that if they don't do what we want that we will work to replace them? We are. We do tell them that we will work to replace them just as we did to help them. The problem is that it's not that easy. We're making grounds, but we're no where near the majority...even in Texas. And it's because we DO work within the party in Texas. How many times do I have to keep saying in Texas.

You do realize the State Chairmen of the GOP in Texas, Mr. Steve Munisteri, is extremely friendly to us liberty folks, AND is one of Ron Paul's old lawyers, AND this same group of Texas Liberty delegates helped get Steve elected chairmen in 2010?!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!