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"you win my little challenge"

Indeed, and it wasn't that hard. Took about 2 minutes of googling. From this I conclude that you never actually checked to see if Ron endorsed Rand, you merely assume he didn't (who knows why).

Moving on to your other BS:

1) openly advocates for eliminating aid to Israel's enemies first while gradually withdrawing aid to Israel

Right, he openly advocates reducing foreign aid. Go Rand! I'm not pro-Israel, and I'm also not anti-Israel. I don't give a damn one way or the other about that f-ing sandbox. Let him cut aid to Pakistan first then Israel, or Israel first then Pakistan, or Taiwan first then Pakistan - don't care. I want cuts, period.

2) openly advocates that the first step towards fiscal reform is to pay off interest to the criminal banksters at the FED and on Wall Street

Firstly, the administration has been saying that anyone opposing an increase in the debt ceiling is risking default. This is a powerful rhetorical weapon to neuter opposition. Rand's bill prioritizing interest payments removes this rhetorical weapon from the hands of the administration - this is it's primary purpose. Secondly, it really is a terrible idea to default at the present moment. Under the current monetary/banking system, default will cause a major currency crisis, if not outright hyperinflation. Need I explain why that's undesirable? I'm in favor of default, but not before a return to the gold standard, otherwise it would be a disaster.

3) Rand said on Fox News that his dad's supporters were crazy and were sending him death threats

Some Paulites are crazy. And, judging by the anti-Rand psychosis evident in some posters here at the DP, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if some deranged individuals sent Rand death threats. Are you claiming he made it up? On what evidence? Or you're just assuming again?

4) Ron endorsed Ted Cruz (how'd that work out?)

...I don't see your point.

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