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If GMO's are so great Monsatan should be

promoting them, not hide behind laws to save their ass! If you put the GMO and NON-GMO on the labels Monsatan would be heading for the bankruptcy courts.

Whar right does Bayer and Monsatan have to put poison in their corn soybeans and kill most of the insect population. I used to operate 300 beehives, this will be my last year because of the poison in the corn. I have watched my bees fall out of the sky on the pavement dead! I have had bees for 40 years and never seen this ever in my life time or ever heard any thing like this. I have built up a following for my honey that other beekeepers would kill to get, but it is all destroyed by a criminal organization!

Make sure you eat to 1 meal of Walmarts sweet corn daily and see what happens in 6 months. It is 100% GMO sweet corn produced by Monsanto exclusively for Walmart!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed