Comment: I LOVE this thread!

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I LOVE this thread!

I think of my grandpa almost every day. He was still kicking @$$ at craps, deep sea fishing, bowling, and chasing skirt at 90. He made it to almost 92, and I know for a fact that he would have made 100 next year if I knew then what I know now about a few health tips. He never trusted doctors and he would have listened to me if I had the right info for him.

Yes, old people are cool. It's a sign of the times that they are no longer revered the way other cultures have historically, and it's also sad that they're subjected to so many toxins in modern society that rob them of their golden years full of wisdom. Not being able to pass this wisdom on to future generations must be incredibly frustrating.

Thank God for Dr. Paul, Dr. Koop, Jack laLanne, and others like them. Keepin' the dream alive!