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She's a friend of mine. I haven't talked to her for a while. But she is good.

Yes, she did vote for Obama, apparently. She also wrote, The End of America which is a book that everyone here should read.

She wrote it in response to Bush. That is right when I came on board with Ron Paul. For me, it was a response to the arrogance of Bush. I barely knew the difference between republicans and democrats back then. I wasn't paying attention. I was ignorant to the rival factions, and their pet issues, and their unique and mutually dependent racket that they run on us, over and over. And the people just keep buying it, over and over.

This book was about Bush, but it continues on in its relevance against Obama. It is a timeless book. It is about the End of America.

We're living it right now.

God, I can't believe that.

This is what she wrote about Obama on the 21st:

The spectacle on the Mall during President Obama's inauguration was a scene of the great theatre of "democracy" – but masking what will likely go into the history books as the greatest loss of democracy in the United States in its history (short, perhaps, of President Lincoln suspending habeas corpus during the civil war). President Obama's first term consolidated more than George W Bush had managed to do: the loss of central freedoms guaranteed in the US constitution.

Freedom was invoked in President Obama's remarks, as in the others'. But what does "freedom" in these speeches really refer to now?

The tragedy of this moment is that since 2008, the balance of power has completely changed between those on the dais and those in the Mall. Those on the dais can ignore them; eavesdrop on them; and now, it seems, disarm them (though I hate guns, I recognize another constitutional right when it is under fire – this time with an unprecedented two-score executive orders).

Those on the dais can now imprison at will those in the Mall and keep them forever. The president can, if he puts their name on a list, kill them.

It is good. It continues: Thank you for giving the oppotunity to look this up. I know earlier that she had begun to turn on Obama. She got fooled - like a lot of people who voted for him. I have a friend up here - a good Massachusetts Liberal - (so liberal he's now living in Vermont, lol). I saw him go gaga for Obama. For him, it totally was a race thing. He had fought so hard for racial equality in the 60's - that in his mind, it was a H U G E victory. I'm not saying that's the same reason Naomi supported him. But that's the thing - he was such a blank canvass: Handsome, nice smile, a little goofy, faux competent. Everyone could paint whatever they wanted onto him. He was just a projection screen for HOPE.

Now he's the one "pulling us through this depression." He still gives us HOPE. It was a pretty strong imprint that we were dosed with. Even I wanted him to win over McCain. McCain was just flat out scary. McInsane, lol.

Romney? Still don't know what to make of that. Was that, like a first generation test of the fully automated robotic candidate? What was that? The Manchurian candidate? I still can't figure out the angle by which they were coming with that one.

Anyway, read what Naomi wrote. I've got to go finish it too.