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How do you know they

were just picked up for expired visas and not to prevent a false flag terrorist event to blame on the Iranians. There is a large faction of Iranians in Houston, who are friendly, hard working good people, who are proud to be in America. Before Faux News was forced to be appologists for Israel by their dual citizen Israeli Murdock, Carl Cameron and Brit Hume did a long expose right after 9/11, making reference to Mossad posing as mall kiosk salesman. I don't think Obama wants to get into another war at the moment, because they still haven't been able to crack Syria, and Iran has the ablity to retaliate bringing large casualties. The Zionist regime instills the goal of a 'Greater Israel' on it's duped populace, which just happens to include parts of all the countries we have attacked or planning to attack. I wonder if Rand, who Rockwell columnist Becky Ackers deemed 'The Senator from Jerusalem', was privy to this well documented plan? It seems she knows the true implications of his sellout statement.