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Comment: Like I said below, she's a friend of mine

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Like I said below, she's a friend of mine

Did you even read that article you posted? Let me quote a snippit:

...we are fools to assume that if the government makes a dramatically violent move, which all the laws I have highlighted now make entirely possible, that anyone will know clearly what to do or how to implement what should be done in response. In Pakistan, it was clear, in spite of this powerful grassroots movement, no one had a clear Plan B when Musharraf declared a state of emergency and began rounding up the lawyers and arresting the judges. No one had an unquestioned leadership structure in place for the countermovement; no one had a subcontinent-sized phone tree or a nice big -- oh, nation-sized -- conference room in which to meet.

We need to consider this right now when we think about our own country: In a sudden sharp move on the part of the US government, even a `small' one such as this imagined scenario of the rendition of a handful of US judges, there is nothing a democracy is prepared effectively to do; that is the nature of democracy. There is no War Room for democracy; no one has an organizational chart detailing who would do what; no one would have a master strategy.

If you have a problem with the word 'democracy', don't let your prejudice of the word make you lose the meaning of the sentence. Replace it with "we the people." As in, we the people here, at the Daily Paul, and all the other people who are awake to what is happening.

What the part that I bolded says is: "If the government turns on us, we the people have no plan of what to do."

Well, the government is turning on us. It is clear from her latest commentary on Obama that she is fully aware of that, and that it is taking place over the Second Amendment. Because she's seen it happen before. The elites are just running a play from the playbook. She knows the playbook. She wrote it all out in The End of America.

I haven't read any further than that, so I can't comment on the rest of the article or why she voted for Obama. So far the article is a catalog of the injustices that took place under the previous regime. She hasn't even gotten to the part about why she voted for Obama.

- ok, time to go finish the article -