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Here is your highly regulation for GMO's

All seed companies now require farmers to sign contracts not to grow any other corn or soybeans for 3 years. If the farmer does he must pay submit samples for 3 years from time they stop using the seed companies seeds. If any GMO's are found he must pay royalties to the seed company!

Also in the contract the farmer must hold seed company harmless for any crop failure, even if it is proven the seed companies fault!

Why would Monsanto allow competitors, product they worked your Congressman and senators hard to get the favorite status they enjoy in Washington. I still remember the news clip of G.H. Bush going to Monsanto for promoting GMO crops and getting them on the market. I think Monsanto spent $40 million to defeat the GMO proposition in California.

The regulations are used to lockout the small farmers and make sure only large corporate farmers succeed. Regulations are seldom enforced for the large corporations only the small farmers.

The EPA and the FDA are in bed with Monsatan, I have read their memo's being held by small farmers and bee keepers. Where do you think I get all my information from. I have read it from, the EPA's and FDA's own reports. I am very concerned for our children's future and you should be too.

Are you aware of the fact that GMO's all have a seed coating called Clothianidin which is a nerve agent type pesticide! But don't take my word for it do a web search, and while your at it do a search on the 1/2 life on it and GMO's favorite herbicide Roundup. What you will find is 19 years for Clothianidin and 20 years for Roundup. Monsatan says the half life is only months, can we say liar lair pants on fire.

Check out Monsanto's past, they had no trouble murdering hundreds in Anniston Alabama. Monsanto said in an internal memo that the company couldn't afford to lose $1.00 of business over Anniston.

here is a video "World According to Monsanto"

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

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