Comment: freedom of movement is essential to freedom!

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freedom of movement is essential to freedom!

YES! The judge is absolutely right here. This is actually the one thing that for me, Ron was not libertarian enough on. Although I always felt all that rousing up about bringing our military resources away from protecting the Afghan border to protecting our border was mostly just a politically expedient way of saying his anti-war position that was unpopular with mainstream republicans in a way that made it more palatable to them (by tying it into an issue they would agree with him on), it has always bothered me the suggestion that we would militarize our border.

I don't remember, but I think it might've actually been on the Daily Show of all places lol, or somewhere, that Rand actually said something more along the Judge's lines on immigration recently, is that true? I want to know where Rand stands on this, while it would be a point that would hurt him in the Primary, if he stands up on the correct side of this issue it's a way to really solidify his general election credentials, and his primary credentials are already starting to solidify with the way he bashed Clinton and talked up the Israel relationship recently so hopefully he'll do what's right in the Senate on immigration here.

oh, and the Judge is absolutely right that Obama's immigration executive order is actually a prime example of what executive orders are actually meant to look like, it's actually a form of nullification. just like a sherrif nullifying a federal law or a jury nullifying a law--simply refuse to enforce it. as people who believe in LIBERTY we should be very happy to hear about any law being nullified.